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About us


We choose to serve Vietnamese women who forget themselves all along the way, but now start learning to treasure and to love themselves enough to make others respect her in the way she balance her happiness with others’, by giving them high technology essential shoes in an affordable price, that will pamper her in every steps and be the everyone go-to shoes.

As Gosto, we believe that love is only right when you can balance how to love and respect yourself enough in other to not effect others’ happiness.

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Material Matter

We believe in the PAMPERING
of Genuine Leather.
Leather Shoes are made for
skin-like softness, comfort and ever
lasting life span.

  • minimizes odor

    Minimizes odor

  • regulates temperature

    Regulates Temperature

  • wicks moisture

    Wicks Moisture

Uncompromising Luxury

We handpick our leather, colors and textures - mainly from Europe - to best pamper your feet.
Genuine leather, be it lamp, pig or goat, is famous for its uncompromising luxury and outstanding characters.

uncompromising luxury